Detached renovated cottage offering modern amenities
in a stunning, historic woodland location

Panmure Testimonial
Monument Cottage is located on Camustane Hill and possesses a surprising amount of history principally revolving round the ancient monument of Camus cross and the Panmure Testimonial. The Panmure Testimonial dominates the skyline from afar, from the parapet at the top of the monument North Berwick Law can be seen on a clear day.

The Camus Cross is an ancient monument and occupies a central point within the avenue. According to the legend, Camus was a general of the Danes, who fled to the north following the rout of his army at the Battle of Barry in the year 1010. It is reputed that Camus was pursued to the ridge of Downie Hill and killed with a single blow to the head. Camus was buried where he lay and a cross erected to mark the spot. Many years later, Sir Patrick Maule, 1st Earl of Panmure, ordered exhumation of the body, the skeleton was in good order, but found to have part of the skull missing….

The Panmure Testimonial (or Live and Let live Testimonial) was erected in 1839 at the sole expense of the tenantry of Panmure in tribute the their landlord, Lord Panmure, who had allowed them to remain on their holdings at reduced or nil rentals during a period of agricultural recession. The building was originally 105 ft high, however the top 5ft was blown down in the same gale, on 28th December 1879 that led to the Tay Rail bridge disaster.

Autumn WoodlandCamustane Hill occupies a prominent ridge overlooking the fertile coastal plain below, with the Firth of Tay beyond and the Fife and East Lothian coastlines in the distance. The locality benefits from a relatively mild, dry and warm maritime climate. The woodlands have evolved since the construction of the Panmure Testimonial is 1839 and are mostly mature and include beech, sycamore, larch, Scots pine and Fir. This environment provides perfect conditions for a wide variety of wildlife including roe deer, pheasants, red squirrels to name a few.

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